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Empowerment through unbiased financial education
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  "An Invaluable Resource."  

So Many Have Income, So Few Have Wealth.

Financial crisis. Turbulent economy. Health care reform. Increasing unemployment rate. Volatile interest rates. Have you been affected? Could you be? How soon?

No matter your job security, you'll only be ready for life's inevitable curve balls if you're living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.

You: A personal financial planning book?

I dread reading financial books too. It’s much more fun to talk about money.

"With 61 percent of workers living paycheck to paycheck, according to a CareerBuilder survey, it's about time for everyone to learn a few monetary lessons. Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is a comprehensive book that will help anyone struggling to make ends meet. It runs the gamut from simple saving strategies to taking advantage of your benefits to retirement planning.

"The best part: It's easy to read and funny, neither of which are commonly used to describe a finance book."

--, in naming Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck one of five books to help your career.

You: Exactly. But most of my friends don't know much about money - some know even less than I do. And many others I run into seem to have something to sell. Given my limited financial knowledge, the whole scene makes me uncomfortable.

"It's true! I am no longer living to paycheck to paycheck thanks to the insight gained from reading Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck! I am much more aware of how I spend money but more importantly, how I save it. Nothing is more satisfying than watching my money grow. This book really changed my life."

Paul Masi, 27, Event Technology, Aspen, CO

I know; it’s hard to know who* to trust. But you just found the source for unbiased financial planning education.

You: I did?

Yes. Total Candor has no interest other than educating you. Sure we’d like to make some money in the process, but the only thing we sell is the education itself (no insurance policies, stocks, annuities - nothing!) And, our most popular product is Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.

You: But that’s a book! I don’t want to read a boring financial planning book.

Aha! But what if I told you it was not a boring financial planning book?

You: I don't like hypothetical questions. What if I told you I didn’t believe you?

Judge the book for yourself before you buy it. Read multiple excerpts or even listen to them. You’ll quickly conclude that the easy-reading style of Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck means you’ll learn without the pain. You may not even feel like you're learning as you go through the book. You certainly won’t struggle.

". . . an excellent book—more importantly, such a valuable jab at young people whose education would be otherwise lacking . . . remarkably full of knowledge, insight and wisdom . . . covers a great many vital technical subjects in non-technical language . . ."

Carl Griffin, Professor Emeritus of Accounting, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

You: Okay, I just read a few pages and it is better than I thought. Why is that?

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is a conversation, like the one we’re having right now. Like the one we’d have if we met at in-person financial planning workshop. Like the one we have everyday on the blog. Reading Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is the crucial first step in getting the unbiased financial planning education you never before received.

You: Which is stupid because I should have been taught this stuff years ago.

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck stresses the message of personal finance without stressing the reader. I have read no other book as thorough, yet approachable, as this one. It is a critical read.”

—Stephen P. Ahern, CPA/PFS, CFP,® MST,
President, Wealth Management Advisors LLC


I completely agree. But you weren’t. So there’s no sense in wasting any more time. Let’s continue this conversation and talk about the things that matter to you, such as:

• How am I supposed to save on my income?

• Who the heck is Ira Roth and why should I give him money?

• Getting a tax refund is a good thing, right?

• I've heard that saving when you're young can be huge.
But it's also the hardest time to save, so is it really a big deal?

• Can I get a date through my employer-matching program?

• Which debt should I pay off first?

• Should I pay more than the minimum on my student loans?

• If I have credit card debt, should I be contributing to my
401(k) plan at work?

If there is a book that highlights the importance of financial planning at any age, and makes it accessible to those who may not have many resources to plan with, this is it.”

—Jeremy, immensely popular Generation X Finance Blog
Read the whole review.


You: Wow, I definitely ask myself a lot of those questions.

Most people do.

Also, remember that it’s much easier to learn any subject when the teacher talks like you talk and uses words you use. And it’s also a lot less stressful when you know that the teacher isn't trying to sell you something.

You: You promise you won’t do that?

I promise.

Gary: But I don’t.

You: Who’s that?

You’ll learn soon enough. But better to meet Gary in Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck than on the golf course or at a networking event.

Go ahead: read and listen. Then, once you’re comfortable, press the button below to learn how to live a life Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.

*Technically, the word should be “whom” not “who.” But who actualy talks that way? Not anyone I know.
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