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"Great! Held attention for final session. He had a tough spot to fill!"

- Jump$tart National Educator Conference Attendee


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Why Are We Here?

With so many people asking “Should I do the 401(k)?” instead of “How much should I contribute to my 401(k)?” is it any wonder our national savings rate is now below zero?  While there are a number of causes, there was just one question that led to the founding of Total Candor:

"Why don’t they teach this stuff at school?” 

We know of no good answer and thus Total Candor was born to provide this desperately needed education to those who never got it.  We empower individuals in their quest to make appropriate financial decisions by providing an easily understood unbiased education.

Founded in 2005, Total Candor is a New Hampshire based limited liability company.  If you are interested in working with Total Candor, please call us at (603) 373-0373 or send us an email. We sell nothing but education.
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