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Empowerment through unbiased financial education
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Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents financial planning education

Experts Praise
 Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

“Michael Rubin has provided and delivered an effective roadmap to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of personal financial security. Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck disperses uncommonly good sense in an interesting and easily understandable way. Bravo!” 
—Daniel N. Hebert, President, New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition

“My Vynamic colleagues and I first started our engaging conversation with Michael Rubin at a workplace seminar.  Whether Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck continues your conversation or begins a fresh new dialogue, you’ll benefit by finally and easily learning the fundamental financial principles you needed to know yesterday. Set your personal course to financial freedom by reading Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck today!”
 —Dan Calista, Founder and CEO of Vynamic, LLC

"Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is life's syllabus to formulating, implementing, and sustaining a lifelong financial plan.  Michael Rubin's conversational journey through life's pitfalls and opportunities is an imperative read for all levels of knowledge in the area of financial planning."
—Matthew R. Carbray, Managing Partner, Wentworth Carbray Staunton Financial Partners, LLC

 ". . . an excellent bookmore importantly, such a valuable jab at young people whose education would be otherwise lacking . . . remarkably full of knowledge, insight and wisdom . . . covers a great many vital technical subjects in non-technical language . . . May Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck fly off the shelves, benefiting . . . the multitude of young people who sorely need the advice."
Carl Griffin, Professor Emeritus of Accounting, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

". . . the perfect gift for every new college graduate.  Rubin discusses debt, taxes, investments, insurance and other financial topics, using humor and a hypothetical dialogue to effectively illustrate his lessons."
—Elaine Morgillo, CFP®, President of Morgillo Financial Management Inc.

" a wonderful guide to gaining wealth. . . . engaging, but more importantly . . . doable.   Written for people of all ages, the book enables readers to move at their own pace, and provides a glossary of terms that in itself is worth the price of the book."
JT O'Donnell, Founder, JT O'Donell, Author of Find Your Career Path, syndicated career advice columnist

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck stresses the message of personal finance without stressing the reader.  I have read no other book as thorough, yet approachable, as this one.  It is a critical read.”
Stephen P. Ahern, CPA/PFS, CFP,® MST,
President, Wealth Management Advisors LLC

“From managing your debt to investing for your future, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck provides you with the tools and motivation necessary to intelligently pursue your financial dreams.”
Carl Lehmann, Entrepreneur, Former President, Travelers Cheque Group Worldwide, American Express Company

“The most straightforward financial planning book you’ll find.  Understandable by the financially clueless yet extremely beneficial to those who have already begun.  Unique conversational format.  Unbelievable glossary!”
Arthur F. von der Linden, Jr., CFP,® Founder and Principal, Wingate Financial Group, Inc.

“I wish I could've read Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck when I was first starting out. But I can't wait to share Michael Rubin's wisdom with my daughters as soon as they join the workforce themselves. If you have any doubts whether this concise, cogent, and compelling book is for you (or your children), just read the preface. Now."
—B. Joseph Pine II, co-author, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage

“Thanks to Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, procrastination and ignorance can no longer be your excuse. This candid and somehow humorous education is a must-read for anybody who wants to take their finances a step up—be it the first step or the next step.” 
Steve (definitely not Gary) C., 20+ year career, Insurance Sales

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