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"Old-school financial principles in a new-school package: delivered with a timeless sense of humor, humanity & spark, in collaborational pursuit of real happiness."

- Anne Marie H.


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Easily understood financial planning education

Testimonials for the Power of

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

“It's true! I am no longer living to paycheck to paycheck thanks to the insight gained from reading Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck!  I am much more aware of how I spend money but more importantly, how I save it.  Nothing is more satisfying than watching my money grow.  This book really changed my life!”
—Paul Masi, 27, Event Technology, Aspen, CO

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is a clear and concise conversation about personal finance that everyone needs to experience. The chapter Take This Book and Use It! has become my indispensable resource as I get my financial act together. I just wish this book was around when I got out of college—I'd be really loaded by now!”
—Philip Corbett, 39, Marketing, Glen Rock, NJ

“Smart, witty, and very easy to read. Many books out there that address financial independence are based on gimmicks and get-rich-quick schemes. Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is an empowering step-by-step guide on how to take complete control over one's financial life. The steps are simple and the wealth accumulation is measurable. Michael Rubin has rewritten the recipe for financial freedom, and it is easy to understand.”
-James Halepis, 30, Commercial Real Estate, Portsmouth, NH

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is a common sense, easy-to-grasp must read for anyone looking to take back control of their finances. From the savings novice to the sophisticated investor, there is something in Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck for everyone seriously interested in improving their savings habits and looking for the enthusiasm and motivation to do so. Bravo! Well done!”
—Kevin M. Kimball, 56, Purchasing, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I've always been a saver, but Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck helped me take the next step to accumulating wealth.  I now have a better understanding of my personal finances."
—Kevin Langley, 20, Grocery, Pittsgrove, NJ

"In one month, I've already been able to invest in mutual funds, increase my 401(k), cut down bad debt and work on getting term life insurance set up—all at a minimal "net" impact to me. I would not have felt empowered to do all this without learning the principles in Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck. It has completely changed my life and outlook on saving and finances.  Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is amazing.  I would recommend it to anyone."
—Debby Slocum, 30, Compensation Professional, Clinton, NJ

“Before reading Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, the thought of making a financial plan seemed like an overwhelming task I did not know how to start. But Michael Rubin not only gets you to the starting line, but also empowers you to start the journey. The reference material and companion website are very informative too. Do yourself a favor - start with this book!”
—Erik Verbeek, 36, Software Director, San Jose, CA

“My father gave me this book for a graduation present.  He has always tried to teach me about putting my finances in order and creating wealth for myself, but I had never really understood the ideas and terminology behind investments, savings, and taxes.  This book was so easy and fun to read that I couldn't put it down until I had absorbed every bit of wisdom.  I recommended this to all my friends even before I had finished it!”
—Jared Carlson, 23, Mechanical Engineer, Lenexa, KS

"This is the first financial book that I actually enjoyed reading.  Michael Rubin makes the various financial topics easy to understand. The running conversation throughout the book between the author, the reader, and the annoying salesman is hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud on the bus. I now feel empowered to change my financial status."
—Judy Martin, 51, Administrative Assistant, New York, NY

 “It seems like everyone lives paycheck to paycheck, including many of my co-workers, the callers to my radio show, and the people I hang out with.  But not me.  After reading Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, I have my financial act together. I don’t read a lot of books, but when it comes to your future, you have to take action. Read this book. By the end, you'll change your habits and will be planning for your future. This is important, powerful stuff, even at my age.”
—Chase Daniels, 23, Radio Host, Jacksonville, FL

“How can you reach your mid-thirties and still be unaware of the most basic rules of money?  Thanks to this book's conversational tone and sophisticated yet plainspoken content, I am both motivated and empowered to finally live Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck!
—Tamara Cook, 36, Visual Merchandising, Clifton, NJ

"Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck was the first book I've encountered in the last few years that I actually managed to read cover-to-cover. Seriously. Somewhere in the first chapter, while reading about the miracle of compounding interest, I suddenly had my "A-ha!" moment... and that was it ... something just "clicked," and I found myself hooked, up until the very end. I have since found myself referring back to various sections of the book, on more than one occasion.  So I guess you could say that I've utilized it "Beyond Cover to Cover."
Barbra Burke, 39, Microbiologist, Camp Hill, PA

“. . . exactly what I was looking for to demystify personal finance. At times, my wife and I can have different views of money, but this book gave us common ground to discuss our finances and plan for our future. I wish this book was available earlier in my life.
—Brandon Hoshiko, 29, Education Research, San Jose, CA

 “Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is both an easy and enjoyable read; not common in a book about finances!  It gave me a lot of comfort that I have been doing the right things with my finances and I even picked up a few new pointers . . . Great book for everyone!  A job well done.”
—Jim Sawitzke Ph.D., 45, Scientist, Frederick, MD

“With unexpected humor and healthy doses of sarcasm, the book teaches the financial lessons many of us wish we already knew -- but don't.”
—Jenny Flax, 35, Entrepreneur, New York, NY

 “To experience Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is to suddenly find yourself sitting with a trusted family member infinitely knowledgeable about personal finance.  You ask the questions and you get the honest answers. You’ll find the resulting empowerment truly motivating.”
—Mark J. Alaimo, 25, Financial Planner, Methuen, MA

“Like having a true conversation with a patient expert. Michael is like the guy you wish you knew so you could learn the real deal.  With Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck you finally get that conversation.”
— Shea Keisling, 34, Database Marketing, Glenmoore, PA

"As I start a new career and buy a new home, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck provides me with the understanding necessary to successfully develop and navigate my financial roadmap—a mortgage, student loans, 401(k) plans—and also enjoy today. I'm grateful for the confidence it's given me to move forward financially in my life.  An invaluable resource!”
—Vicki Simpson, 34, Physician Assistant, Exeter, NH

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