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Empowerment through unbiased financial education
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"Presentation was lively, he used real life situations to make his points."

- Drodgie P.


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Choose your financial path. Finances, like life, is a series of choices. Which way will you go?

Financial Education Keynotes and Workshops

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Will it be worth it?

Absolutely.  Not convinced?  Read this reference letter.
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Your time with financial simplicity expert Michael Rubin is unlike any other financial presentation. Through anecdote, humor, and audience participation, your audience not only hears the messages, but also listens and learns. Gifted and experienced presenting to diverse audiences, Michael ensures each individual leaves with the tools needed to immediately and successfully take action with their newfound financial empowerment.

Learn how corporations, universities, and the general public are choosing financial awareness and see why the media frequently contacts Michael for his candid and straightforward insights.

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Additional information includes whatever you need, be it more video, a fee schedule, references, or something far more creative. Rest assured, Michael will get back to you personally--and promptly.

An important remember:
Michael does not sell anything other than education!

(That's the Total Candor way.)

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