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"He's articulate and intelligent. The content is practical and well-explained."

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Those now in the "real world" have their entire futures ahead of them. With lofty dreams, each aspires to reach his or her own unique definition of personal, professional, and financial success.  While the majority of individuals focus on personal aspects of success and many focus on professional achievement, precious few people put any energy into how they will achieve their long-term financial success.

While in this phase of life, it is extremely common to feel a lack of urgency to do any planning for events that are perceived to be so far into the distant future.  Often this sense of invulnerability lasts well into one's thirties. Yet, the decisions made and the habits formed during these early phases significantly impact which of the many possible divergent paths you ultimately embark upon.

Spending Habits are a key part of creating your personal financial profileAfter all, there must be reasons why there are some 30-somethings who have no financial choice but to live with their parents while there are others who have no credit card debt along with a significant retirement account at the same age.  Luck just does not explain it.  Obtaining a basic financial planning education and taking appropriate yet simple actions can lead you down the path to which you aspire.

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