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Empowerment through unbiased financial education
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"He was incredible and thorough in his presentation, Great analogies"

- Jump$tart National Educator Conference Attendee


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Choose your financial path. Finances, like life, is a series of choices. Which way will you go?

Sample Introduction
Michael B. Rubin is a Certified Financial Planner professional and a Certified Public Accountant. But donít let that scare you.  As youíll see shortly, learning about money does not have to be difficult or boring.

Michael is also the founder of Total Candor, a financial planning education company, which may be best explained by what it doesnít do: sell financial products.  Rather, Michael and Total Candor simply provide the unbiased financial education many of you wish you had already received.

Michaelís first book, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck reached as high as number three on Amazon.comís Money Management for Young People bestsellers list and was named by CareerBuilder as one of five books to help your career. Michael's second book, The Savings Solution promises to be another must-have for your personal finance management.  We are delighted to provide you with a complimentary copy of The Savings Solution and Michael will be happy to autograph your copy.

As a true expert gifted in simplifying money matters, Michael is a frequent contributor to the TurboTax blog,  has also appeared on TV and radio stations across the country, and national media such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Advisor Magazine, and Investment News.

Michael lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three daughters.  Please help me welcome Michael to . . .

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