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"Not only did the lecture give me things to take away, the tools were provided to refresh and remind."

- Ann C.


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April 23, 2012
Contact:  Brittany Drew, Media Relations
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The Savings Solution Keeps the Conversation Going, Helping People Move Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Are you earning an income but struggling to get by? Have too little money in the bank? Feel like you’ll never gain any traction on that emergency fund you know you’re supposed to have let alone start saving for retirement? Finally, are you ready to eliminate those nasty credit card bills?

Financial expert and author Michael Rubin provides easy-to-implement savings strategies that won’t impact your everyday life in his new book The Savings Solution (Wachtel & Martin) and during 17 free ING Direct workshops in nine cities beginning April 23. To learn more about The Savings Solution event near you, visit the Total Candor or ING Direct web sites.

Unlike other personal finance books providing ways to obsessively cut spending at every turn or exhausting methods of creating additional through side jobs, real estate investments, and entrepreneurship, The Savings Solution provides a realistic framework empowering readers to thrive on their existing incomes. Readers receive the reasonable tools, tips, and critical strategies necessary to create and achieve their personal versions of financial success. They learn how to be fiscally responsible, not how to be cheap.

Examples include:

•    Staying emotionally connected to your money.  Understand why using credit cards, even if you pay the entire balance monthly, are still dangerous to your financial health.

•    Your problem isn’t Starbucks®.  Put major focus on major expenses.  Don’t worry much about the smaller expenses. Only someone with a true addiction can save $5,000 a year by cutting out Starbucks. But focus - really focus - on major life events, like a car or a home. Get those big items right and you’ll come out way ahead. With your additional funds, you can choose to purchase all the coffee you want.

•    Spend comfortably on what you value most. When you reduce or eliminate spending on items unnecessary or failing to provide you happiness, you might be surprised at what you can subsequently easily afford.  The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can afford that concert makes the music sounds that much better.

•    Stop budgeting your spending. Use a two line budget. Line one is your income. Line two is your savings. Who cares how you spend if you reach your savings goals?

By providing the how-to while emphasizing the can-do, The Savings Solution changes lives and is the must-have savings resource for this and any economy. Second in the Total Candor® series, The Savings Solution continues the conversational, humorous tone captured in Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, making it not only a valuable education, but uniquely entertaining and easy to read. The book is available for purchase in print or via e-book through most major bookstores.

Michael B. Rubin is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional providing sophisticated financial advice for many years. He is a frequent speaker for organizations like ING Direct, and he’s a contributing writer for the Turbotax Blog. He holds an undergraduate business degree from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Michael lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three daughters.
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