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New Financial Planning Tools Educate and Empower Young People to Move Beyond Paycheck To Paycheck Lifestyle

Portsmouth, NH, February 19, 2007—The basic money knowledge the nation’s youth never received in school is finally available—and without the boredom or intimidation they expect.  To be published in June, “Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck” provides the personal financial planning education today’s workers desperately need to not only survive, but also thrive, on the same income they earn today.

With over 30% of 20-somethings admitting to frequently worrying about their debt (according to a recent study by USA Today and the National Endowment for Financial Education), another generation of workers appears headed to a paycheck to paycheck existence. While most people at any age strive to move beyond such a lifestyle, few know what to do about it. Consequently, many become trapped in a financial situation they never envisioned, let alone planned for.

“Simple is better because simple gets done” explains author Michael B. Rubin, a Certified Public Accountant, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, holder of two business degrees, and founder of financial planning education firm Total Candor LLC. “Too often, we drift in inertia, feeling we can ‘deal with this later.’ Either too intimidated by the prospect of learning financial planning or fearful of being taken advantage of by the less-principled members of the financial community, procrastination and ignorance are the dominating financial themes for today’s younger workers.”

To address this problem, “Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck” shares a conversation between reader and author over the periodic interruptions of a poorly trained, commission-obsessed, financial salesman.  Furthermore, by tying into interactive components available free at, readers can estimate the implications of their proposed saving habits and make other critical financial calculations.  In addition, readers can acquire a personalized motivational toolkit, which shows that—whatever your age—the best time to start planning for your future is now.

Today’s lack of financial planning awareness can lead to devastating consequences tomorrow. In fact, nearly 65% of the respondents in a survey by the American Payroll Association indicated that they would find meeting their current financial obligations either “somewhat difficult” or “very difficult” if their paychecks were delayed just one week.

Yet it is often only when a major life event occurs, such as the birth of a child, an ill-timed layoff, or the receipt of an inheritance that people first seriously attempt to move beyond a life of paycheck to paycheck. Even those with the awareness and motivation required often lack the tools to take appropriate action earlier.  No longer.

Describing “Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck” as “refreshing, enlightening, and understandable” Stephen P. Ahern, President of Wealth Management Advisors LLC in Tewksbury, MA adds “it stresses the message of personal finance without stressing the reader.”

Total Candor LLC empowers personal financial decision-making through transformational learning experiences including live events, books, and other media. Total Candor sells nothing but education. Through its web site,, Total Candor provides many valuable resources free, including financial calculators, articles, and personalized motivation.

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