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Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents financial planning education
From The Simple Dollar (one of the most widely read Personal Finance Blogs in the blogosphere)

"Chapter 8. Maximize Your (Investing) Performance: To me, this is the real highlight of Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck. Itís a spectacularly strong fifty page summary (still in that conversational layman tone) of the basics of investing. Rubin starts out in the right place, focusing on risk tolerance and time horizon before even looking at investment options at all. From there, he moves through different investment choices, pointing out that for shorter term investments, less risk is generally better, but for longer term stuff, more risk is better. He even digs rather deeply into portfolio theory, explaining the reasons why saving for a particular goal might involve multiple investment types to reduce risk. Excellent stuff - perhaps the best laymanís primer on investing Iíve ever read."

. . . Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is perfect for: anyone who is nervous about managing their money at all and wants a gentle hand to guide them through. They donít want to be treated like a child, but they also donít want to be quickly lost in a wide array of terms.

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is great at this. In fact, Iíd argue that Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck would make a very solid book for a consumer education course in high school. Itís not overly long and is broken down into nice little pieces, each with a gently-introduced concept to swallow."

Read the entire review at The Simple Dollar.

From Generation X Finance

"What really stands out is the conversational approach. You almost get the feeling that youíre sitting down and talking with Michael directly. I think this approach has many advantages over more conventional books that can come off as a bit preachy. I think this goes a long way in making sure that people who read it actually go on to take action."

Read the entire review.

From Midwest Book Review

"Certified public accountant and financial planner Michael B. Rubin presents Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck: A Conversation About Income, Wealth, and the Steps in Between, a guide for anyone who lives from paycheck to paycheck but seeks more financial stability in their lives. Chapters cover the difference between being cheap and being fiscally responsible, strategies for paying off one's expensive bad debt, coping with taxes, how to properly use insurance, maximize one's investment performance, basic estate planning, and much more. Written in plain terms for readers of all backgrounds, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck spells out financial common sense and is a "must-read" for college students and others managing own money for the first time, as well as for anyone seeking to break out of the voraciously desperate paycheck-to-paycheck cycle."

Recommended and Reviewed in The Mindquest Review of Books by Lightword Publishing:

"A unique, understandable and deeply absorbing discussion and excellent reference . . . takes on a dry subject and converts the vital information into an exciting, understandable, time efficient read."

From Strand Bookstore, New York, NY

"Have you ever wished an expert on personal finance would share his advice with you and lead you on the path from living paycheck to paycheck to comfort and wealth? Well, in Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, Michael B. Rubin, founder of the financial planning education company Total Candor, does just that. In this honest and accessible volume, the first in a series from Total Candor, Rubin offers guidance on your financial priorities, understanding of the implications of your decisions, appreciation for the benefits of controlling your destiny, and more. This is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to improve their financial life."

Bill Terrance, of Changing Hands Bookstore, in Tempe, Arizona made Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck his "Summer Reading 2007 pick!"

"I don't really make a lot of money. How about you? Here I found ways to take advantage of strategies to maximize my little wealth. Thereby making sure that later I have more, and later more, and so on...etc. The book also explains, pretty understandably, all that financial mumbo-jumbo with 401Ks, IRAs and other Letter/Number combos that make no sense, as well as how to get your credit report for free once a year!"

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