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  About The Savings Solution  
Bruce Mitchell has a secret. Despite his abundant lifestyle, he has less than $100 in the bank. AmEx has cut him off. To avoid creditors, he has stopped answering his phone.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Bruce admits to the author.

Though aware he is not alone in his financial struggles, Bruce understands his particularly good fortune. Rather than face layoffs, he and his wife are employed. Rather than battle disabilities, they are both healthy.

“I’m willing to make changes, Michael. You just gotta help me keep my house—I have three kids,” Bruce pleads.

Why is Bruce’s family a financial mess? Like many others, they simply spend more than they make. More than 60% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck—a phenomenon that predates our current economic malaise. That’s more than 60 million households just one missed payday from significant financial problems.

Although 42% of those living paycheck to paycheck think a $500 increase in monthly income would solve their financial problems, an astonishing 30% of those earning over $100,000 a year still live paycheck to paycheck. This includes the Mitchells, evidence that people at all income levels struggle to save.

The Savings Solution will be the first book to demonstrate ten fundamental saving strategies, enabling you to achieve control of your financial futures without obsessively micromanaging your everyday expenses. Countless books provide endless lists of specific ways to cut spending. Many more provide theoretical ways to make more money through side-jobs, passive investments, and entrepreneurship. But only The Savings Solution provides a realistic framework empowering you to thrive on your existing income. You will receive the tools, tips, and critical strategies necessary to create your personal version of financial success.

The Savings Solution is the first book to:

  • Provide the motivation necessary to financially succeed at any age via an easy-to-understand explanation of the miracle of compounding interest. (You can access the book’s companion web site for personalized motivation.)
  • Comprehensively discuss the Ten Savings Strategies, from the importance of an emotional connection to the thankful reality that constant budgeting isn’t required and is often counter-productive.
  • Describe the empowering tools you can use to increase your ability to save in your everyday life. Categories will include financial software, financial blogs, online savings tools, and financial institutions.
  • Emphasize the importance of financial balance in life.
  • Challenge you to look past the common misconception that your primary opportunity to save is the overhyped micromanagement of your daily spending (e.g., coupon clipping, latte cutbacks).
  • Enable you to live a happy, financially comfortable life by focusing on truly major expenses, such as when and how to buy a car or a home. You will learn how to save thousands of dollars a few times a decade – not how to obsessively and dishearteningly hunt for a few cents of savings every few hours.
  • Demonstrate the difference between being cheap and being fiscally responsible.

By providing the how-to while emphasizing the can-do, The Savings Solution changes lives and is the must-have savings resource for this economy and those that will surely follow.

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